Greetings ACBA Bowlers,

Our first couple events have been a tremendous success and we want to thank everyone for coming together to help make the return of the ACBA such a successful one. We hope that everyone continues to spread the word and more bowlers see the great value in the season points race and membership options. Since you, the members, are the foot soldiers of ACBA, spreading the word about the events, we are emailing you today to cover a few questions we have been getting recently. This is to insure that all of the ACBA membership is on the same page.

Q - I noticed that we are getting half points for the classified division, why is that?

A - To further incentivize bowlers to progress to the senior & open divisions, the classified division earns half points for the season point races. The rookie of the year points race is still between bowlers that have started in the classified division, but rewards bowlers for moving up and cashing in the open division sooner then later. Of course, if a player feels their ability to cash is much better in classified, they can still bowl in that division, but will earn half the amount of points for their finishes. Keep in mind that as players have finished their 3rd classified event, if they reach a point of cashing in 50% or more of the events they have bowled, then they MUST start bowling in the open or senior division. 

Q - The payout and points at the first event seems higher than the second event?

A - That is correct. We had added sponsor money from Pruitt's Furniture and Virtue Bowling Supply to amp up our season opener, which created a larger prize fund. Since the points are based on the prize fund for each event, it means there were also more points available for the season opener.

Q - I paid for the bowling ball with my membership, when can I get that?

A - The bowling balls are all here! It is a large order, which takes time to process and ship. All balls are here and available for pick up at the events. If you'd like to pick up your ball, you can grab it at our next event on November 13th at Brunswick Mesa.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message us on facebook or email us at bowl@bowlacba.com.

Mike Dirmyer & Craig Spencer