Open Division

The open division will consist of any players with composite averages of 216 and higher. This division will have absolutely no restrictions, and will consist of the best players the state has to offer. If a player doesn't cash in 8 consecutive events in this division, they will become elgible to bowl in the Classified Division.

Classified Division

This division will consist of players that have a three year composite average of 215 or lower. The three year composite will be using only averages that are based on 33 games or more. Players that fall into this division may elect to bowl in the open division if they prefer. This division, just like the entire tournament is 100% scratch. This division will determine it's own champion. If any player win's two of these events in 12 month span, reaches a cashing % of 60% or higher after three events, and/or has any previous Open/Senior division ACBA or PBA titles in the last 10 years will be deemed inelgible for this division regardless of average. Additionally, the tournament director may refuse entry into this division at any time for any reason, to any participant.


Seniors and women will have their own division and their own finals. Senior age cut off is 50 years old or older.