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Season Dates

1st Segment Pattern (6 Weeks)

2nd Segment Pattern (6 Weeks) 3rd Segment Pattern (6 Weeks)
2nd Season (WTBA) 1/9-5/8 Wolf 33' Don Carter 39' Dragon 45'

Link to see the graphs for the patterns. https://www.pba.com/OilPatterns

Draft League Roster

Number Name Rgstrd? Paid?
1 Mike Fitzgerald Yes  
2 Jim Pratt Yes  
3 Julie Pratt Yes  
4 Theo Douthit Yes  
5 Tim Satomba Yes  
6 John Hudson Yes  
7 Maurice Daniel Evans Yes  
8 Andy Hakiel Yes  

Jeff Kirkland

10 Brian Schamber Yes  
11 Michael Kremer Yes  
12 Shawn Kozak Yes  
13 Jason Tunay Yes  
14 Lloyd Johnson Yes  
15 Sean Palmer Yes  
16 Eli Johnson Yes  
17 Lynn Arthur Yes  
18 Jeffrey Bandes Yes  
19 Garrett Preszler Yes  
20 Vinnie Como Yes



Avg*- This only reflects the players entering average. This is used to determine eligibility for voting on captain selections and used for determining a legal substitute if a rostered player is ever absent. A player's entering average is calculated as a 3 year composite. If you're curious how a 3 year composite is determined, check out this: http://aht.strikeforcetour.com/what-my-entering-average


Captain Voting

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Draft Board

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